Friday, May 29, 2009

chipmunks and goats

It seems the post I wrote yesterday was from a draft I started a while back and it has jumped into the middle of my blog notes, where I presume it would have been had it been posted rather than saved as a draft, mmm, note to self drafts are useless to me unless I can figure out how to make them post the day I finish them. Okay, new technology master I figured it out, yesterdays post is now posted where I want it. 
Today I woke in a lot of pain, been that way for a few weeks, so don't get much work, ie painting done when in this state, though I surely try to do my best. It gets very frustrating though as there is so much I want to paint, I have buckets of ideas, not that they are all good ideas but I would like to paint them out just to find out if they work or not.
Anyhow I have been slowly steadily working on three paintings this last while, two chipmunk paintings for my show in Cochrane which is July 1st, yahoo, and another delightful goat. The goat is nearing completion, again yahoo, it is sooo cute, after I complete this one I may have to get Gerald to tour me out the country roads looking for more goats to photograph. I am enjoying watching the goat gain character under the brush and paint.

This is "Rothcos Goat",  who belongs to Brian. You can see why I love to paint them, just look at the character. I will post the goat I am presently working on as soon as it finished which hopefully will be in a few days from now. The sun is smiling and paintings need paint so time to venture on.
May you all have a wonderful and refreshing day.

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