Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oriole and Grebe

Resting up after a wild, windy and very dusty Sunday of birding, and boy do I ache, but my heart is happy and I captured a few new species to me such as a Baltimore Oriole and an Eared Grebe. Baltimore Oriole
I love this pose. I had seen another bird that was quite red looking but the wind tossed branches in between it and the camera so no capture and no idea what it was, just a flash bright red is all I saw as it flew away. Gerald says I can't get everything in one day, but I sure try. I think I have become a bird addict which is great as I now have a lot of reference photos to paint from. The hardest choice is what bird to paint first and whether in a natural or abstract setting.
Eared Grebe 
I was excited about this one as I have photographed Rednecked Grebes, Horned Grebes,  Pied-billed Grebe and a Western Grebe in the last two summers yet never even saw an Eared Grebe till sunday. Ah Nature is so grand, fresh air, clean water, fruits of the earth and  wondrous gifts of beauty we were given to care for, its a shame that as humans we are so quickly devastating that bounty which we need to live healthily and to nourish our bodies and our souls. Like an ugly monstrous serpent the pipelines that are criss-crossing Alberta are ripping apart the land, leaving deep scars in its wake. Scars that can be photographed from the heavens. Those in power not caring what is being devastated in it path, oblivious of medicines, nesting sites or the general health of the land its animals and its people.  What is going to happen when these pipes leak, and they will at some point in time as that is the nature of things man-made or natural, they deteriorate. Have you ever heard the earth cry, have you ever felt her pain? When will our society get smart and start thinking generations ahead for the good of our great grandchildren as the Elders instruct us too instead of only grabbing for the "dollar" of the day ill-regarding tomorrow?

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Nice Pictures. Lucky you. lol