Sunday, June 14, 2009

A wonderful day at the donalda Gallery for the Arts in Donalda

We had a wonderful warm sunny day for the artists in attendance at Donalda Gallery for the arts. Many other things were going on in the surrounding towns so not a large turnout yet pleased with the interest in my work by those who did come. Thank you to Bob Dawson and John Beaver for carving on location, that was wonderful and greatly added to the enjoyment of the day. Thank you Byron for your support and arranging for the wonderful eats. Thank you to all who attended, you're the greatest. I will post a few photos this coming week of the event when I have a chance to download them. Later on the way to Camrose my wonderful driver took the gravel roads so that I could photograph birds. Excitedly I captured a few good shots of a male bluebird. I am still figuring out how to use my new camera so I did miss some great photo-ops but that is to be expected I guess. Saw baby Coots, baby Killdeer, also Avocets and Grebes nesting and a varied assortment of ducks on the potholes. A lot of potholes are dried up this year so prime waterfront nesting sites are being ferociously guarded with much hissing and chasing off of trespassers. One again a thank you to the wonderful people who attended the opening, and to those who could not make it the show is on display  in Donalda till June 28.

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