Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adventure to Cochrane and back again.

Wow, life is great. What a wonderful road-trip as we rambled along the back roads to Cochrane to deliver paintings on monday. I got us onto gravel roads to see new sights, which as usual ended up being the longer route, which is not uncommon for me so we just missed Meg at the gallery yet luckily arrived there in time to drop off the paintings, wheew, just. Then on to Calgary to stay with my son and to deliver more art. On tuesday we visited with a friend who took "Meadowlark Song" home (thank you Stephen, may you gain much viewing pleasure to support wonderful memories). In the afternoon we took a stroll through Inglewood bird sanctuary where we saw wood ducklings and had a buck brazenly squat in the brush right off the path from us, what an adventure. On July 1st Gerald drove me back to Cochrane for my exhibition at Westlands Art Gallery. Had a great time seeing good friends who came out to support me. Thank you all. Sharon brought a bouquet of flowers from her garden, mmm, so sweet the smell of lilac and red rose. On our way north that afternoon we were blessed with the sighting of an eagle soaring above. I prayed "Thank You Creator for this wonderful Creation." We ventured along a side route by Sundre and once again blessed, this time sighting a doe and two fawns. I captured images thankful my day was so very full and complete. But as things go in threes, wouldn't you know it down the road was a youngish looking moose casually munching away just off the roadside in a bit of a clearing. As I said previously, "life is good" there are so many blessings all we have to do is take notice of them and give thanks.

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A good time was had by all :)