Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mirror lake sunset

Good morning. I'm not so bushy-tailed this morn as I was up for two hours during the night battling the dragons. With EDS comes pain that meds only slightly numb. But through it all I persevere as I must, after all I have many  birds to photograph and my mind is buzzing with ideas that are yearning to stroke, spill, splash and fly across the canvas.  I finished off a painting yesterday  which is entered in an group exhibition by the Camrose Art Club, of which I am a member. The show is at the Chuck Macleans Art Center in Camrose for the month of August.

 A mirrored sunset on Mirror Lake in Camrose. 
The dark silhouetting dissolves the trees and the man-made structures giving an illusion of a secluded lake. This is a great little slew type lake in the center of town that is a nesting area for many birds and a few ducks as well as the resident Trumpeter swans that raise young on the lake each year.

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