Friday, August 21, 2009

Watching The Sun Set at Lesser Slave Lake

Photo of me watching for the sun-set. Photo by Gerald Delorme, all rights reserved by photographer.

Hello, hello, its been a wonderful week. I have just returned from camping with good friends Cindy, George and Gerald at Slave Lake AB. Such a refreshing time filled with walking the shoreline, viewing eagles and osprey and an added bonus of a couple of encounters of the "bear" kind. There were many sows and cubs present in the area as the wild raspberries and the saskatoon berries were juicy ripe. I did not get shots of the bears as I figured it best to make space for them, especially with my gimp legs than to push my luck, after all sows can be very aggressive and dangerous when protecting cubs. There were many fantastic photo opportunities, some of which I missed and some I captured. I can hardly wait to get all my photos downloaded, about 3000, oh ya, hours of editing ahead of me.

Thank goodness we had good weather all week so that I could enjoy myself with out having to take too many painkillers. My disease seems to be aggravated more when the weather goes through too many dramatic changes, like today, its turned a little gray and feels like storms are imminent. As I cannot manage to do too much on my own I am grateful for great friends who help with my stability so that I can enjoy getting out in nature. Gerald was a great help in capturing eagle shots as he carried my camera, scouted out best location for shots and helped me change lenses as well as making sure I didn't fall in the soft sand as I traversed the beach, ahh yes, life is good when you have good friends to share adventures with. It was magical to spend time walking the beach during the days, viewing sunsets and watching the flames dance in the campfire at night. Hugs to all.

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