Monday, October 19, 2009

People are cruel, birds are cool.

My finger is almost healed though its still touchy at the tip, which of course makes it difficult to hold the paint brush. Ahh, and just when I need to be getting more pieces complete and sent to the galleries before Dec. I find if I take too much time away from the paints I get grumpy, grrr, just like an ole sore tooth bear, grizzled and mean, lol.
This morning I called a lady who had a cute metal bird bath for sale, I told her I wanted to come get it and made arrangements to pick it up. She states to come after she gets off work at 5 pm so shortly after 5 I call to let her know I'm on my way, and lo an woe, she tells me it was sold this afternoon. I gasped, was floored, sputtered, "but you told me you worked till 5" and could not believe my ears when she tells me she has learned not to wait around for people that the first one with the cash gets the sale. The nerve of her. After all she was the one that set the time for me to come, Like I said Grrr. I could see them selling it if I had not show up within an hour of saying I would be there, but to sell it out from under my nose when I was anxiously waiting all day to go get it, grrrr. Okay so thats my spew for now, tomorrow will be a brighter day. Best get back to painting to soothe my savage beast, lol. Ahh hugs to the world, we need them.

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