Thursday, January 7, 2010

the four seasons

It is now a balmy -21, its getting warmer as it was -24 an hour ago. Here we are in the middle of a cold streak and my thoughts turn to thankful knowing that spring will burst through the snow to bring an abundance of new life. That is what the cold blue snowy painting "Winters Promise" is about. The photo which I took myself of the crocus flower is laminated into the painting with layers of acrylic gel.

Winters Promise

"Three Graces and the Rite of Spring" which inadvertently started this four season series was painted one year before "Winters Promise". My EDS had flared so bad that year mostly all I could do was read.  I read many books on mythology, art history and western religions. As soon as I could hold a brush again I painted a longed for blossom laden tree and from the books I swiped a few images. The images were scanned and printed onto thin rice paper, coated with acrylic gel then adhered to the canvas. The original three graces were all pasty pale skinned creatures and I wanted warmth so I altered their coloring with acrylic washes and changed the hairstyle on one. Using collage was a new venture for me so I set off to paint another tree with collage, except at this point I decided that I would only use my own photo images rather than borrowed images. So came "The Serpent and the Egg" another mythology based painting. When I realized I had painted three seasons I rounded out the theme to include fun loving Ganesha dancing, full of child-like joy which is echoed in the lively yellow child hand prints in "Spirit of Ganesha"

Three Graces and the Rite of Spring

 Spring is wonderful when the cherry and apple trees burst forth their long awaited color. Daughters of Zeus and Eurnome of Greek myth, Euphronsyne-Joy, Aglaia-Brilliance and Thalin-Bloom are the three graces. How fitting are their names to represent spring, the divine feminine that brings warmth, balance and healthy new life after a long winter. In the far right corner an ancient goddess gives birth.

Spirit of Ganesha

Ganesha is considered the remover of obstacles and the embodiment of wisdom, his vehicle, the mouse can appropriately gnaw through all obstacles. One of Ganesha hands is presented in the "have no fear" mudra which I have noticed is used throughout history by artists representing deities of the past including Jesus. Ganesha also carries an axe to cut through the bonds of attachment, a rope to pull one closer to their goals and a conch shell as symbol representing the origin of the universe due its spiraling structure that comes from a single point.  I came across a beautiful picnic table that had been lovingly painted with children's handprints and though the paint had peeled off much of the table there were still a few wonderful spots to behold, which of course I photographed.

The Serpent and the Egg

As trees prepare for a winters rest the sap slows and leaves color for their airborne flight on autumn winds.  The nests are empty and birds that survived the forces of nature and predatation migrate to warmer climates and snakes migrate underground to hibernate amidst their own kind. The serpent is most maligned as a symbol of evil in temptation in Christian belief, yet is also regarded as having wisdom. "Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves"Matthew 10:16.A serpent wound around a staff is a very old symbol of medicine and the healing arts and both the serpent and the peacock are symbols of resurrection and new life. The serpent because he sheds his old skin and the peacock because he can eat a poisonous snake and not die.

I hope you enjoyed reading my notations on these paintings.


john said...

The symbolism of serpents really fascinates me. I have always loved snakes above all other creatures. Remember that Moses held aloft the brasen serpent to heal those who had been bitten by the fiery serpents. In my religeon, we interpret the brasen serpent as a symbol of Christ on the cross.

2DogStudio said...

Hello Teresa,
Thank you for visiting 2DogStudio!
I enjoyed looking at your work and the winter photos are wonderful. While it is not as cold here in FL, we have had freezing and below temps.
Have a a great weekend! Wendy

Elie's Papel said...

love the colors used in the works of art and the way they are composed

neva gagliano said... what interesting compositions you make. i'll check some more of them out. i don't know how you found our little HOUR ART ESCAPE that my long distance friend i just began, but i'm glad you did, and happy you liked my prayer flags piece.
my other blog is called OPENINGS CONNECTING. and that we are!

Cathy said...

These paintings are really beautiful and the colours are stunning. I particularly like the three graces and the rite of spring. They go so well together. I found a very interesting book in a charity shop all about serpents and I shall enjoy reading that. Hopefully it will inspire me in some artwork. I find the theme of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden endlessly fascinating.

Carole Baker said...

Teresa,The Serpent and the Egg is stunning. I'm so glad you took the time to comment on my blog and that I found my way here. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your paintings and photos.