Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bird Sing Song

Early morning ushered in finch song that continued throughout the day mixed with occasional chickadee solos joining in. I opened the window a smidgen to let in the uplifting choir song while doing research. Unusually today many more birds joined the regulars coming for the black oil sunflower seeds. I noticed that the finches; regulars, and pine siskins; sporadic visitors and the squirrel who lives under the neighbors steps all raided the nuthatch cache of seeds which are wedged into the tree bark. With so many birds they were also unusually well behaved. The finches tend to stake claim to the feeder yet there seemed to be no rowdy squabbles as many finches along with the pine siskin's flew to the ground to gather fallen seed.  
 Pine Siskin above, note the tiny sharp beak. Generally these are found around the base of trees down in the Ravines where we go walking once in a while. I love the bright spark of yellow in their wings.

Finches below showing the variations of todays ensembles. Like paparazzi I was shooting through a dirty window just to capture the orange coloration, which is a bit different from the usual finch red I tend to see, I just love the variations nature provides.
The bottom finch is a female, she resembles the pine siskin, but the finch is larger, and notice that she has a thick rounded beak. Some males are heavily streaked on sides and other like the bottom one has only a few softer streaks on his side. I am wondering if some may be Purple Finches as well as House Finches. I have been going through bird books and only come to the decision that as of yet I still have so much more to learn; isn't that wonderful. I love learning. How I wish I could remember it all.

I got one quick shot off of the squirrel as he scurried along the snow covered fence below the birds I was scoping. By the look of his tail it looks like he recently narrowly made an escape. If you look at previous entrys post you will see how bushy his tail was last week.

Hugs to all. 


Oldenbroke said...

Hello Teresa,
Thanks for following Artists in Pastel. My own interests are not confined to the medium, so I'm very happy to find your blog. One of the pleasures of gaining a follower is gaining access to the other sites they follow, wherein lie hidden treasures!
(I like birds too!)

teresa stieben said...

Recently I have found so many delights and treasures in a variety of blogs as I have diverse interests. I myself work with acrylic, watercolor and have a big box of soft pastels that cry to see the daylight once again. I am passionate about fiber arts, pottery, wood working, basically any art that is created by hand.