Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inventory, bah humbug

Bah Humbug I say, inventory is for the organized, and I am to far gone from that. I love to paint but recording what I have done is no easy chore. Presently I am amidst recording once again on my computer all my etchings. The last compilation disappeared with computer upgrade. The boring routine of makings inventory charts and filling an all those little details such as media, paper size, image size, number in the edition, number I still have left, and on an on. All day at it and I feel like I have barely scratched the plate (play on words, ie plate as etching plate, lol) Yes I am tired.

I need something nice and meditative right now. Ah to breath in the wonderful memories of camping at Lesser Slave Lake with wonderful friends last summer, It was so grand that after they had to head home we stayed on an extra 5 days. When this shot was taken the sound of gentle waves upon the rocks reminded me of the BC coast where I have spent many hours throughout the years walking the beaches; turning stones to capture little tickling crabs and to watch minnows dart between shadows. Shadows, the safety net of illusion of both human and fish kind. This photo holds duel memories which will layer with yet more shadows of life as I age. Its amazing that one photograph or painting instils the aroma of memory that life waifs about us. Memories that take on shades and layers that then bind one to another till at some point there is no separation between yesterday and years past, they become one and the same.
Hugs to all.

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