Monday, February 8, 2010

Painting is Good Medicine

 I never finished my task of itemizing the etchings. Thought I would be able to get it complete in a couple of days but my body had other ideas. I lose focus due brain fog that comes with pain associated with EDS, it takes all my mojo just to fight the pain. Its frustrating to want things done yet not being able to function well enough to do them. I have learned the hard way that there is nothing to do but wait it out when that happens and get lots of rest. So while no painting had been getting accomplished either, I worked up some little sketches in my sketchbook while all cuddled up to a nice warm heat pad and wrapped in a warm soft blanket. I think this is a Purple finch. I am not sure, it could be a House finch
Yesterday was a good day, I felt well enough to cover a small canvas in a vivid blue. Though bugged on pain meds today I painted in the flowers and roughed in the Northern Oriole. To heck with itemizing etchings. I decided that can wait a while more as painting is meditative and healing, it soothes the soul like nothing else can. 
Anyhow this is my set up. As you can see I have on the left my sketchbook with my recent sketch of a Northern Oriole which I used to lay out the painting. You can see how I use it as a guide but when it comes right down to it I just start dabbing flowers in randomly, then add leaves, more flowers, more leaves and then thicken the paint and built up some of the flowers a tad more. I keep all my photo reference of blossoms and birds taped up around me, as well I had a little computer in the corner that had a few more birds and blossom images open for reference. All the photos are mine, taken by yours truly. I make it a point to use only my own reference material and am so blessed to have a dear friend who takes me bird searching. 

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