Friday, September 21, 2012

four an twenty blackbirds

I've been having to "set" again, much to my dismay as I don't do setting well. Pain gets me crabby, worsened by not being able to do anything, nothing, nadda.  What sucks most is all it takes is one slight wrong move and wham stuck in bed barely able to move. Once again my ribs "popped' really! I heard the sound in my back and said "oh shit" and was scared to move. 
The following day my back and lower floating ribs were sore right round to the tips, though sore I thought I could crochet, nope, next day worse, third day my husband slightly touched my ribs when he went to kiss me hello and did I ever scream, the neighbours probably figure he beats me, poor guy. 
The pain now is slowly retreating towards my side and back where the "Pop" sound came from and my ribs feel as though they are pulled taunt with wire mesh. 
The joys and fun of being a "Gimp" not what I figured life would be like but its the hand I've been dealt so it best to play and sometimes create silly kitschy stuff and not give a darn. (I painted more funky yard art which I will post when I can pick up the camera to photograph them) but enough of that and on to remembering our southern Alberta camping spree and sharing a memory or two and some images taken in august.

We daly along country roads just to see what we may see. Now what the heck is on the road  I ask while attempting to shoot through dust-washed windshield.
 Lift of wings a flutter like waves tumbling the sky.

Massive flocks of migrating blackbirds so fascinating we watched for about an hour as they lift from farm stubble to leaf out barren trees with color and sheen then back again seemingly to disappear into newly cut yellow shafts. There were red-winged, yellow headed, brewers blackbirds as well as grackles, cowbirds and I even noticed a starling.
We seen large flocks off in the distance as well as the hundreds of blackbirds near us. It was pretty amazing to witness how many birds band together for safety during migration. A small hawk soared past and was hastily escorted away. So amazing.

Bums up times two, a couple busy bees sharing natures nectar. Life is grand when you have someone to love and share with.

Flying flowers.
 Coursing the currents south of Donalda hawks were playing, tumbling, swooping and soaring, ahh the joys of aerial acrobatics. I remember a time when I could fly.
 Encountered dragon slayers near small ponds.
This young hawk was having a time of it attempting to perch upright in the afternoon wind gusts. In southern Alberta the winds would pick up during the day which was a relief otherwise the heat would have been unbearable for me.

Early morn I spied elusive Doves, this one, no so evasive let me closer than the others.

A sapsucker

Love the red blush in the morning light.

So many migrating birds, yet so few clear shots, but thats the way of it. Like a shooting star we must awe in the precious moments of Creations glorious gifts.
May your day be blessed with kindness.


Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Tess...I sure hope you feel better soon. I do understand pain and it's effect on our lives all too well. I hear ya!

Red said...

Well , I hope you soon recuperate and can be your old self again. Enjoyed the bird pictures.
Black birds seem to swarm everywhere for a few days and then they are gone.