Friday, September 7, 2012

the Monarch of Emmerson Bridge

We are now returned from our travels of Alberta. A vacation filled with geographical variety, rich eye-candy views and a few new birds. Now to the task of sorting and editing reference material gathered from varied areas of the province; o-my, why-o-why do I take so many images - - - I love the heavy click of the shutter, its addicting, sigh.
What a time, our fourth trip out had to await my return of strength so it was with great joy to be on the road again after over a week of dreadful pain and lack of mobility. We headed south towards Cyprus Hills though only made it as far as Emmerson Bridge the first night where the wonderful hosts Bob and Dianne made us very welcome. We enjoyed the treed campsite and warm nightly camp fires as the evenings were coolish. Many migrating birds captured our attention moving fast through leaves gorging    berries and bugs for the long journeys to be undertaken. We stayed two nights giving us opportunity to climb the hillside of the ravine under the watchful eye of a male Kestrel. The Prairie meadow flowers and the view were well worth the climb. It amazes me how many aster and false dragons head blooms were still present though the cactus blooms were done and the pods were withdrawing, shrivelling back into the earth though the reddish spikes were still abundant enough to be seen easily. A juvenile Golden Eagle flew overhead as small birds flitted throughout the thick sages and cricket choirs competed with the wind which whistled and droned through our eardrums. Prairie morning silence is deceiving as warm winds are conjured and grow ever-stronger till evening when suddenly as though a fan were unplugged the air stills leaving only echoes reverberating through the ears.

Monarchs have been seen a fluttering in Edmonton this year and many cocoons blossomed with the flowers at Edmonton Naturalization Garden and though I was not able to capture the northerly monarchs I was lucky to capture this one on my camera at Emmerson Bridge.
Enjoy, Hugs!


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Tess, glad you are feeling better and able to get out. Love the video. Great capture. Enjoy your day.

Red said...

The Alberta prairie has lots of good stuff to see. Many people scoff about the prairie but it is alive with birds.
Good to see you post.