Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifts of Love

These quilts were completed and delivered  three weeks back.  
 Lap Quilts recently made for my husbands Uncle and Aunt to keep them toasty warm while watching TV. The above quilt is thick warm Polar fleece with no backing only accented with color fabric trimming. I wanted Uncles to be light on his legs.
Started last winter this quilt is cotton patchwork backed with thin beige color fleece; you can see where I flipped the top right edge to show the backing. Aunty loves butterflies and as I had this wonderful material, it seemed a good use for it. Two centre butterflies have hand accented stitching on the body and wings. It's quilted quite simple, basically along the seam lines and around a couple of the butterflies just to hold the front to the back without major bagging.

Winter hit fast and frigid leaving me out-o-sorts with my condition; but winter is inevitable so one must deal with it best as one can. 
As I'm housebound once the snow and ice hit it takes me a while to adjust and accept. First off I enjoy seeing the fresh snow though after a week of being stuck in the house it starts to tire emotionally. I tend to get angry at not being able to get out, then get lethargic, down right lazy really. It took a month to get out of my pity-pot funk this time, hence reason for not posting.
Thank goodness I have a sweetie who chuckles and finds humour in my moodiness. Not much fazes my man. He took me out for a country drive on sunday to get me out. The day held a strange light due ice-fog.
River ice and Goldeneye. 
Hoarfrost decorations.
Waxwings were eating seeds.
More frosty cold.
Hope you are all keeping warm.

The most excitement we saw was upon returning to the city.
 Here comes Momma Moose towards the highway. 
Bad quality of photos is due being shot through a very dirty windshield at an odd angle. You can really see the green tint in the glass.
 Little Moose Caboose follows mom cutting through traffic.
Baby moose hightailing it over the hill to the safety of the green space.

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Red said...

Great set of shots on the moose. It's a highly dangerous situation for both moose and vehicles.
Kike the quilts.