Saturday, March 23, 2013

of birds and bears

Well I finally had a light filled day enabling taking photographs of my latest paintings, so you see I have been busy the last while, though have not been posting. To view all of the new 5x5 inch acrylic paintings (there are nine new ones) go to
I had to do a little research and learning to set up my new camera to capture truer colors than I was previously getting, thank goodness it was an easy learning curve this time, its amazing what a difference a few minor setting make. 

 "When the honeysuckle is heavy on the vine"

 "The art of conversing with nature"

 "Singing along with Willie, Waylon and the Boys"

I was pretty frustrated this week with drastic weather changes causing severe bone pain and sleeplessness which of course make it harder to cope so most of the week was spent in the recliner with a heating pad, hot tea and books. I finally gave in to pain-meds last night to enable sleep and glad of it as I managed to rough in three small paintings today. I probably over did myself but with having a down week and upcoming exhibitions I have to put the push on now.
Ah so looking toward spring; someone said its already here, but I don't believe them as out my window is piles of snow four feet high.
Well what can I say but enjoy the song while the singers on stage, hugs!

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Red said...

Well, yes, spring is here ...according to the calendar.
I hope you soon lose the pain and recover some energy.