Tuesday, October 1, 2013

recumbent bikes

I watched a fella ride one similar to the above around Cross Lake campsite late summer and it got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe I could ride again as it looks like the pedal pressure is not on the knees and it has back support which I need for my condition, mmmm possibilities are arising. Also with a recumbent there will be no strain on my neck.

With sadness I gave away my upright antique pedal bike eight years ago due severe dislocations and pain in my knees so seeing this bike gave me inspiration and best of all is hubby said he would get a bike and ride if a recumbent bike will work for me, Yes!!!

So... Last night I did a little research and found that Bently Cycle sell recumbents, hence another excited resounding Yes emitted from my gaping mouth as Bently is only about an hour and a half drive from here. It seems like a fall picnic is in order for this weekend, do a little birding and check out the only store in Alberta online that I could find selling recumbents and go try a few out. http://www.bentleycycle.net/recumbenttadpoletrikes.htm

I posted the link as I swiped the photos from it to show what I am excited about, and hey I don't believe they would mind as its extra advertising for them. The baby below is quite pricy for this disabled wild bird but it has shocks for a smoother ride which with my condition is a good, no a great idea, and hey if it gets me out riding the trails then whoo-hoo its all good. Just wish we were not going into fall right now, but then if I get one then maybe the snow will not come till january, now wouldn't that be great. Ahh, yes the proverbial dreamer.
Enjoy your day as I head back to dreaming of free-rolling the terrain once again.


Red said...

Okay, pedaling and knees? People seem to think you only exert pressure in one place and push down on the pedal. You are to put even pressure on your pedal as the crank goes all the way around. Then you don't have pressure on your knees. Also the back thing. You are to make a triangle with your body. 1/3 of the weight is on your arms, 1/3 on your legs and 1/3 on your butt. Having said all that when you get to be my age maybe you should consider balance and safety.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Tess, sounds like you have a plan. Hope it all goes well.

tess stieben said...

hello Red, I cannot with my condition put the weight on my legs or arms with my dislocations, so the weight distribution factor is good reason for me to check out recumbents.

Hello Carol, more of a dream than a plan as the bikes are pricey.