Friday, December 13, 2013

An overflowing mind, and a recliner debut.

Hello to all connected by cyberspace.
Well I have been busy with recovering from severe finger dislocation, three joints did the 180 degree spin and three months later the end joint is still bruised, though less so now. I sure find the cold weather affects so I have been wearing fingerless gloves I adapted from some old woollen socks to keep joints warm while enabling use of my fingertips.

Then to top that off a few weeks ago I foolishly lifted a sewing machine, yea gads woman what was I thinking!!!!! It sucks to be a gimp I tell you. Living with EDS when I am feeling good I believe I can do that which I in all reality cannot do, such as lift anything with weight, Ouch! So as the story lags on... I literal ended up not being able to walk for over 24 hours, could only drag my feet two inches at a time with aid of a walking stick; major down time. I spend a weeks worth of whole days in my recliner chair with ice packs and heat-pads, add in a bit of feel sorry for and belabouring myself into the mix, well I swear I have the best husband around as he puts up with me helping me smile with his antics and jokes.

Anyhow I have made a few accomplishments.

On the left is a textile completed before the back injury and the right shows the drawing which became the preparatory study for the textile.  link is to the other two pieces I did for the show.

Below is the second course I've finished through the Edmonton Public Library online study courses. I am presently working on three more, one for how to set up a Wordpress website blog which I am finding confusing yet will persevere.
I enjoyed the Photoshop course so much I have begun the second program which teaches more in-depth about Photoshop Elements. So there is lots to keep me busy in my recliner. 

But I have to admit the panic of losing valuable working time away from finishing the plinths I was making for my upcoming exhibition did cause anxiety. Through it all I have to reaffirm what gets done, gets done, what doesn't... well not much a gimpy gal can do about that.


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my Tess, sounds like you've had a lot to contend with. Nice to hear you keeping a sense of humor about everything. I too have one of those wonderful husbands who lightens my spirit everyday. Wishing you all the joy and laughter your heart can hold. But, don't laugh too might hurt yourself!

Red said...

well, you seem to have your run of bad luck. I hope that bad luck is over and that you recuperate quickly and well.

tess stieben said...

Thank you for your kind words and well wishes, hugs to you both.