Saturday, December 21, 2013

We wish you a merry Christmas

It seems the year has flown by at too fast a pace once again. Its only a few days till Christmas and I never got cards in the mail this year as have been in a terrible humbug mood. I think the lack of sun has given me the blues this year, though it didn't help being confined to my chair. Guess I am lucky though that I have a recliner I can rest in.

We won't get to the Nativities display this year as Gerald is working overtime with all the snow we are getting so I am posting one from a previous year.
Enjoy, Merry Christmas!


Carol Blackburn said...

Wishing you and yours a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a New Year full of surprises. :)

Mrs. Patterson said...

Hello, I landed on your blog while searching for a hinged tiny nativity ornament. You posted a photograph of the ornament Dec. 2011. Would you be interested in selling it to me?

tess stieben said...

Sorry Mrs Patterson but those Nativities were photographed at a church Nativities display I do not know who they belong to.