Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I was flat on my back yet kept busy

I posted on my other page what I've been up to, or I should say did while laid up for the last month.

I'll not repeat the photos here, so please do click the link.
About a month ago I slipped, a bit of a setback for me as I twisted like a pretzel and was unable to walk properly for three weeks. As I go totally stir crazy when not creating I had my hubby bring up my wool and yarn stash and started crocheting hats. Warm hat, funky hats, and even a sculptural hat is in the making though its not posted as its unfinished.

I didn't go to my Dr, instead I found a great Physio-therapist who has been excellent at teaching me to work on core muscle strengthening. I've also found an excellent Chiropractor who uses a weird little hand held device that gently thumps one back into alignment. So between the two of them and following their exercise programs I have gained back my strength and walking tall, well as tall as a short person can. The great thing is, I feel better than before.

Before I slipped I was making a quilt, though soon I shall be back to that task and the hats making will once again cease.

Summer memories.
Knowing that beauty surround me, even though it lie dormant beneath the winters cold and snow, it too shall grow and renew in the warmth of spring.

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Red said...

Good that you are regaining health. Physio therapists are fine but you have to do what they tell you. I found that out the hard way.