Friday, June 24, 2016

The Tiny and the Beautiful, Orchids and other flowers of Jasper

I am learning about native flowers and as some of my books don't have very good images to help me identify I may have wrongly named some. If you notice that I've mislabel plants please let me know so I can make corrections, thank you. Enjoy.
 Orchis Rotundifolia (small Round-leafed Orchis) We found these beauties both at the edge of a lake and in the forest. They are so small that most people walk right by without even noticing the colorful delicate beauty.

In both places they were accompanied with Pinguicula Vulgaris (Common Butterwort).

 Cypripedium Calceolus (Yellow Lady's Slipper)Always a delight to find showy bunches in the underbrush, though most were singular flowers scattered about.

Cypripedium Passerinum, passerinium means "sparrow like" because of the bright dots on the inside of the pouch resembling a sparrow egg. (

 This Orchis was found in the same wooded area as the above blossoms.
I do not know the identity yet.

This orchis was found at high altitude on the mountainside.
I do not know the identity yet.

Pedicular Groenlandica (Elephanthead) due the blossoms look like an elephant head and trunk. Many plants found at the edge of Pyramid Lake growing alongside the smaller thin stemmed green Orchis shown below.

Can you see the elephants?


 Beautiful Mountain Bumblebee in the Wintergreen blossoms.

 Pyrola Assarifolia (Common Pink Wintergreen)


 Blue Flax. The meadows were turning a brilliant blue and yellow from the abundant Buttercups and Flax that were opening up, each day the meadows grew more colorful.

 Aneome Parviflora


Pink Pussytoe flower.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Zany portrait series

I have started a new series of paintings of family members. Not regular portraits, rather fun, enjoyable cheerful and even humorous portraits.

Pencil portrait of our grandson done as a light sketch to get the feel for working on the following painting.

"Grandparents Blessing"
12x12, acrylic on canvas.
Our grandson was given this colorful feather headress on his birthday from his Aunty which he promptly wore and that I knew someday I would paint. Guppy shapes were added swimming about as last time we visited we were shown his tank full of delightful wee fish. Though painting on a bright red background was a challenge it adds to the lightheartedness of the piece.
 I had so much fun doing "Grandparents Blessing" that it inspired me to work on a portrait of my daughter which I stole unbeknown to her offline.
12x12, acrylic on canvas.

When I saw the photo of my zany artistic girl on line sporting a moustache I was excited by the opportunity to use it in a painting. Now I don't much favour squirrels as they remind me of rats, which I am even less fond of having once been chased by a large rat when I was hugely pregnant with my son.
Aside from that my daughter loves them, so I photograph the critters that run around the tree out front and have captured them in various poses, which is great, as the squirrel has made the painting even more special. I admit this one is cute and after photographing theses critters for years they are now eking out space in my work. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

As an artist who paints the natural world I am interested in the preservation of natural habitat and native species of plants, insects, birds and mammals so when the call came out for Edmonton Area Land Trust  online art auction I gladly sent works.

We must work together to save land for all species.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Migration is on.

 Spring is arriving on wings. Today we drove out to Stony Plain to pick up the exhibition pieces and were told that my crochet sculptural Spirit Vessels garnered a lot of attention. Outside the Centre was a carving that is being remodelled by a chickadee. It looks like tape was placed over a previous hole but this wee fella is not deterred in the least.

 Heading south from Stony Plain we came across Tundra Swans and canvas backs. There were also Mallards, Coots, Canadian Geese, Buffleheads and Redheads on the marsh. Most were too far out of range for my 300 prime lens, this image is greatly cropped. Many of these swans have a yellow mark at the base of their bill near the eye, click on photo to see image large.

 Next we headed south to Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary and had a few White-fronted Geese fly overhead while we walked the boardwalk. There were Canadian Geese, mallards and one male shoveler on the pond. The wind blew up though luckily we were on the edge of a passing storm so we only got hit with cold raindrops for a short period. The ground is dry and dusty here already as there was lack of snow for moisture this past winter. Rain is definitely needed.

 Overwintering butterflies came out of hibernation and were flitting about in the warm sun once the winds passes us by. Milbert's Tortiseshell.

 Song Sparrows are heading north, there were a group of about thirty. Being secretive ground birds that spend time scratching under fallen branches in the leaf litter looking for bugs and seeds it took awhile to get a clear photo.

 A comma butterfly, saw two today.

Blues were sky dancing in the warm sunlight, twirling upward together then flitting about granting a happy moment when one settled for a moment.

Monday, April 11, 2016

New work posted

I have posted new zany portraits at the above link, enjoy.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Earth Spirit Vessels

These two vessels went to a lovely lady who has supplied me with cording for adding to my creative projects. Its delightful to take what others no longer need or want and make something different out of it. Its serendipitous  to be able to give those people something they do want and and would use. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.