Thursday, February 27, 2014

feeling strangeness upon completion

Have you worked on a long term project so intensely that once it was complete you felt at a slight loss, kind of like, what now?  Thats how I feel presently.

We delivered my 3.5 year nest project to the Art Gallery of St Albert today. Our front sitting room where I've spent the last three weeks inventorying and boxing all the pieces, over 100, is now bare, dusty, but bare. Empty nest syndrome?

I think it may take a few days to realign my thoughts as the past weeks have been consumed with documenting, which entailed photographing, measuring, titling and deciding on price and filling out insurance forms. Its all done, complete.

Its all pretty exciting. Scott Hayes a reporter with the St Albert Gazette came by the gallery, took a few photos and discussed my work with me. I will post the article when I receive it. Like I said its pretty exciting and fun. I'm enjoying the whole concept that the work is being professionally shown; especially since its not just pretty images. I believe the work to be multi-layered and thought provoking regarding important environmental issues, though its not "in your face" its subtle, yet obvious for those who choose to "see". Does this make me an environmental artist? Maybe.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

show teasers

Slow goes the turtle and slow goes I.
Still in process of documenting my work as I've had difficulty using Word program; and to figure out pricing whoa-ho thats a whole new venture in itself.
At least I was able to figure out how to fill out the gallery forms, lets hope they email back alright as my Word forms sure don't want to behave for emailing. Who ever said computers would make life easier, bah humbug, make trice the work load for me.

On a to a lighter song, I wish to share a couple of the interesting nests that I have built.  Enjoy!

 This one is made from the dryer lint after I washed a red wool blanket. The leaves are some craft leaves picked up at a garage sale last year though I found they were pretty crumbly so I washed a layer of white glue on them to help hold together.

And here we have eggs, yes eggs coated with wasp paper and painted orange inside so they glow.
Don't they look just lovely on the paper bag. Texture combinations, o-how I love the textures.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exhibition coming up and so much still to do

It has been a swift learning curve all-round this winter from the on-line courses I have been taking through the public library as well as recently attempting to figure out how to document and itemize 80 plus hand made nests. I received by email an excel spreadsheet to document title, size, media, and price for the Art Gallery of St Albert which I had no problem opening, but it has taken a bit to figure out how to fill in the info.

I had half the nests documented on my computer with photos but the program went all wacky and the info jumbled up; not once, but twice...arrrgggh! So after a few days leaving it be I began over using an old word program and having to figure out placing the info into cells to contain it with a photo. Of course as its an older program Microsoft has deleted the tutorials as they prefer people buy the updates. Anyhow I've been slugging away and have figured out enough to do the work albeit maybe not in the best fashion but I have to do whatever I can to get this info down and secure and hopefully I won't have to start over again. Only three weeks left before delivery of the work, its all pretty exciting.

On a different note here are two sunrise shots taken through the window this past week.