Sunday, November 29, 2009

exhibition at Wildbird General Store

Out of the Reeds, Blue-winged Teal
Art now showing at the Wildbird General Store in Edmonton

The show is hung with love and care for all to enjoy. It is so good to see a new show go up. This is smaller venue than the last so fewer painting are displayed though. Gerald has done a wonderful job of hanging 16 in a small space and has it looking fabulous. Its such a great venue to show my paintings as people who come there love birds and nature. Opening night is Dec 3 from 7-9 pm. I am all excited about this new venture. As I realize the beauty and fantastic variety in life that surrounds us daily it fills my being with joy and I pray that my work will bring joy to others.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

looking for the colors

Fall has been a rather dreary assemblage this year. The leaves froze on the trees stunting their colorful sky dances; leaving instead curled brown wind beaten leaves that cling still-desperately to the trees. So it has been a matter of searching out the small ofttimes hidden spasms of color amongst the gray-browns of decay.

I liked the play of the shadows silhouetting the fruit upon the fence.

purple greens, such a lovely pause

This is Skitters, he is the new resident squirrel. He's a wee bit shy and timid, though he tends to be curious about my camera he keeps a fair distance between himself and I. Which I can tell you is quite fine with me. The memories of two previous encounters of psycho squirrels is quite enough for me. Years back on a mid winter walk along the Bow River in Calgary I had one run up my leg which led me to screaming as it climbed towards my face. it must have been quite a sight as my companion buckled over laughing as I crazily danced about attempting to shake the rodents clutches. The next experience was last summer at my friends house. I was watering the flowers when a squirrel ran at me from behind, pounced the back of my legs, ran up and onto the wall of the house. At once I turned the water stream upon the critter who in turn did an about face and charged again, causing my rapid retreat into the house.

Sunflower lovers
I kinda missed posting for a bit so heres to halloween past, I like the "important" tag hanging off the house cable behind. My daughter loves halloween yet has missed it two years in a row by being in Oz. So here's to you my dear.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or treat

Well the little ghouls were out in full on hallows eve. It was so refreshing to see so many home made costumes this year. One group showed up as condiments and a table setting. Then there were the lego-blocks and gypsy-pirates, as well as the usual gangsters and fairy princess, though we also had snow white who had met her demise, no fairy tale ending to that one. There was a goth-devil and a few furry Ewoks, they were great. As well were the usual amount of super heros and Ninjas out combating the dread evil of the night. All in all it was a treat to see the creativity that blossomed, I was so tired of seeing kids in those ugly store bought no imagination gobs of plastic that the previous 10 years had spewed out. Thank goodness a return to artistic sensibilities and pride in making ones own costume, way to go trick -or-treaters.