Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deep Dark Woods

We went for a walk in the woods today
down in the deep dark woods 
where the snow underfoot crunches 
sending mice a scuttling amongst abandoned fall leaves
and what should we spy sporting a flash of Christmas red 
a female Pileated Woodpecker
 we went for a walk in the woods today 
down in the deep dark woods
and the gifts of life gave another splash of red
a male Pileated Woodpecker

We went for a drive today
out across the barren prairie
out across the stubble catching snow
who should we meet
a Snowy Owl
we went for a drive today 
and the presents kept piling up

as the sun receded the earth began to glow
such a beautiful day

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blessings to one and all

Its been a busy non-stop day till now. Homemade cranberry sauce is chilling and the turkey stuffed with home-made bread stuffing is now in the oven cooking. Mmmm, yummy. Two of ours will be here this afternoon and three who cannot be present will be sorely missed though will be held warmly in our hearts and thoughts. 

Peace! May hearts be filled with peace.

 May every child the world-round be kindly and joyously loved.

 May angels watch over you.

 May your eyes seek with awe the beauty of Creation.

May you rest in goodness of heart.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nativity's five

One more post of Nativity's
  Simplicity of shape is wonderful, isn't it amazing how one subject can be translated in such variety of media by artists across the world.

 In a hatbox?

 Birds! Yay, Birds! Gotta love birds.

Nativity's 4

I decided to keep posting nativity's as some people maybe don't get the opportunity to view so many as we are able to all in one place. Please may you enjoy the creativity and workmanship displayed no matter what your spiritual beliefs are.

 Colorful salt dough depictions; the wee flowers accents are charming and delightful. Poor Mary though has lost part of her head.

This one reminds me of the one we would see years ago in churches.

 Someones knitting needles were kept busy here.

 Starched draped fabric; I also saw many like this years ago when it was all the rage to construct draped figure art.

  I was able to capture the reflecting prisms in these small ornaments though not as well as I had hoped to.

 Precious Memories snow globe and a tiny hinged nativity.

To Love is the answer!

Handmade clay vessel from Cuba.

 Color to make your heart sing.

 Three wall quilts.

 I almost missed this one as it was tucked beneath the rim of a large bowl.

 A painting by Daniel Vanheyst, an instructor at Kings University College.
Please be considerate of copyright, please enjoy but please and do not copy this image in any way. Thank you.

 The following pieces are all really small nativity's that were behind glass windows. I am amazed I was able to capture decent enough images considering glass reflects everything.

May your day be blessed and your heart sing a joyous song, hugs!