Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Art exhibition and workshop, Creston Valley Bird Festival

I had the excellent opportunity to show The Nest Project in Creston BC during the Creston Valley Bird Festival in May. I have to say the Arts community and birding community are tops, they pulled off a great event. I was honoured to be a part of their fifth birding festival. We arrived in Creston on teusday eve to set up the exhibition wednesday at Kunze Gallery, which is attached to the iconic grain elevators in town.
Video by Sandy Kunze of us setting up the Nests.
My husband makes this all possible due his support in all areas. He gives me encouragement to keep going. He packs, loads and unloads the truck, climbs the ladders, wields the hammer, installs the exhibitions and informs the public about my work. He's also my chauffeur, sets up camp and camp cook. I'm lucky to have such wonderful support. 

 Kunze Gallery, photo taken from the tourist info parking lot. Stewart Steinhauer bear statue in front.

The community created a large nest sculpture in honour of The Nest Project coming to Creston. So much fun. People of Creston and surrounding areas, You Rock!

The exhibition up and ready for viewing, Gerald did a great job.

On thursday we had the day for birding so after a late breakfast we drove down along the dikes to photograph birds for future paintings. The motor in my lens was going kaput so not many good shots, but a few not bad.
 Ring-necked ducks, though they should be called ring-billed as thats their most noticeable identifying factor.

 This lost duck tried hiding, but I caught him, lol. A decoy.

 We almost missed this heron as a few moments later a truck roared by and he took flight. If my camera lens was focusing I would have had fantastic flight shots, but alas when one has to use auto to find the subject then switch to manuel to hold the focus that leaves flight shots out.

 Cinnamon teals, there were quite a few. Yes, I photograph in bright light, any light really, rather than the golden hours as I just may not get that subject again, one never knows. I am a painter and as my photos are for art reference I'm not looking for those shots that stand alone as a photograph, I like shadow and contrast. I like seeing what the birds are doing during the day and I like being out in the fresh air an sunshine.

and last of all, baby geese.

Thank you to Sandy of Kunze Gallery and the Creston Valley Bird Festival for recognition of the Nest Project and its importance. Thank you to Creston Valley Arts Council, Creston Valley Public Arts Connection Society, Creston Gleaners for supporting the Exhibition, presentation and workshop. Thank you to ARTiculate Magazine for the wonderful article written by Mike Redfern about The Nest Project. Thank you to Maggie and Marcel for being wonderful hosts, you made our week extra special. Thank you Kay and Steve of Edmonton Wildbird General Store for instructing on how to do a slide presentation and making sure it all worked. This truly was a community project where everyone worked together. Also a thank you to Wildsight for use of a projector for the slide presentation and all the volunteers who made the presentation workshop and exhibition a success. Thank you to all who came out to participate. You all Rock!