Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Old and New

 A mini-view of our gallery (front sitting room). Gerald made these wonderful gallery tracks from re-cycle items both from home and the Habitat for Humanity Re-store. The water-colour paintings are quite large, framed they are 38x18 inches.

Out of the darkness; Black-capped Night Heron
8x8, acrylic
I'm not sure if its complete; a part of me wants to go in and add more detail though I believe that would defeat the idea of coming out of the dark shadow of early dawn. Early morning has such strange light, I know most photographers say they prefer that soft early light, not me, I'm not an early bird so most photos are taken mid-afternoon till dusk. I do see the sun rise sometimes when we are camping, other than then, the suns usually half way across the skies before I view it. Needless to say improvising a morning landscape has been a challenge.
Have a great day, Hugs!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Frosty Update

Black and white morning.

As promised yesterday I've taken the time to photograph the New improved Frosty.
 Retro Frosty
 Frosty Colorfully Updated
Frosty is an ambassador for Peace
I like how eyebrows add expression.
A peacock to keep him company and a flowered brim to remind us spring is but hiding for now.
We will place Frosty in the front yard so that children can see him on their way to school in the mornings. Not sure if we will keep the light bulb in him though it would be nice at night to see his cheery glow. 
We will have to securely stake Frosty down so the north winds don't steal him away.
Have a colourful day and a Hug!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally slapping the paint around

Its been a wonderful long fall, but alas the snows have come so its time for me to get back to some serious work.
Image of the mountains sporting fresh snow a few weeks ago taken east of Calgary.

We had a water mishap mid-june where we had to scramble to remove matts, art, frames etc to safe dry ground. The matts were stored in very thick plastic bags which I presumed kept the water out, after all they seemed dry at the time. Well as it stands the bags had let water in that stayed in. I went to pull out matts to do framing and UGH! What a mess of mould. Out the door they went. I had to toss almost all my mat board stack, so sad to see such waste of supplies and $ float away.

That was about two weeks back and since then I have been busy removing stored items from my studio and settling them back where they belong. Today I moved folders that hold etchings and...oh no... the folder was damp, agggh. Our floors are now wall to wall in etchings. I believe they are alright but will have really scrutinize them to be sure once they have air-dried.
On the good note my studio is once again tidy and available to work in, so today I also splashed about some paint and worked on two paintings started previous to June.

I rescued retro frosty from a fellow who intended to... gasp, trash him. I pleaded Frosty's fate and it was agreed I could take Frosty if I also took the Santa. Well I am not a Santa kind a gal but I was willing if only to spare Frosty the degradation of being squashed, crunched and compacted by a garbage truck.
To revive Frosty and add a little sparkle to his life I gave him a paint touch-up, but you have to wait to see the "new man-o-snow" as I realized I forgot to photograph him after his touch up.

 As the north winds white wash the land, I delve in color memories.
Enjoy and share.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember those who fought for Peace

At this time of year I take time to remember the sacrifice of my father and uncles. They sacrificed their lives. Those who returned alive, returned to an altered life concept that would forever wreak havoc on their souls. Yes some returned physically, yet they never really returned. How can one reconcile themselves with creating death. Peace is not won by causing harm and death to others. Peace is not won by wars. Peace is won by those who refuse to terrorize and kill their brothers, women and children. Peace is won by those who work to create betterment for all. Peace is made with loving helping hands, not with instruments of destruction.

Those who create wars, yes they are created they just don't happen, well those who create wars do not step onto the battleground to fight, no they convince others that death is necessary to obtain peace. Now is that messed up thinking or what? War-mongers who instigate war and send millions to die for the sake of a foothold in another Nations territory have no conscience, no morals. 
So I ask, is the Crown an entity for Peace?
Does Canada stand for Peace?
Do we love those different from ourselves?
Do we help or hinder?

My father fought for Peace in WW2. I know he carried the scars and trauma his whole life and because of it we grew up in an unstable home environment. My Mother informed me that for the first five years after my father returned from overseas he awoke screaming every night. I look at old pre-war photos, my Dad was happy, playful, full of life. That joyful spirit was cut down by war. 
For many years my father lived with his demons, never speaking of them, though in later years he did express to me some of the horror of being a soldier. 
My father cried, tears streaming down his face every time he watched world news on TV of war and destruction. He had believed in Peace. He had believed the war he fought in was to end all wars.
My father believed in Peace.
We are all the same, we are all brothers and sisters, do we not all look the same in the dark?
 Do we not all bleed the same colour blood? 
Do we not all have dreams of Peace.
Peace be with You!
 web image, sorry I cannot say who created this image as where I obtained it from gave no credit. 
Thank you to its creator whoever you be.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

butterflies and deer mounts

I must say at times I do get to be in interesting exhibitions. Donalda Gallery for the Arts held a taxidermy exhibit this fall and amongst critters, artists works were displayed.

This way to the show!

 This painting done by Susan Dahl with a Whitetail deer mount.

 My watercolor nuthatch paintings.

My water-colour paintings and a Mule deer mount.

Two more of my works.

 Atypical White-tail deer; Alberta record holder. A magnificent rack.

Cross White-tail-Mule deer.
Now I know there are those who are against hunting, but in all reality hunters wholly support conservation measures to ensure wildlife for all to enjoy.

For those who love to see wildlife in its natural habitat here is a very live momma Moose and young-un that we saw on our way to retrieve my paintings. Personally I find seeing and photographing wildlife thrilling.

I now take leave with a dusky view of Donalda's large lantern with rising moon. Photo taken in Oct from  Donalda Gallery for the Arts landing.