Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember those who fought for Peace

At this time of year I take time to remember the sacrifice of my father and uncles. They sacrificed their lives. Those who returned alive, returned to an altered life concept that would forever wreak havoc on their souls. Yes some returned physically, yet they never really returned. How can one reconcile themselves with creating death. Peace is not won by causing harm and death to others. Peace is not won by wars. Peace is won by those who refuse to terrorize and kill their brothers, women and children. Peace is won by those who work to create betterment for all. Peace is made with loving helping hands, not with instruments of destruction.

Those who create wars, yes they are created they just don't happen, well those who create wars do not step onto the battleground to fight, no they convince others that death is necessary to obtain peace. Now is that messed up thinking or what? War-mongers who instigate war and send millions to die for the sake of a foothold in another Nations territory have no conscience, no morals. 
So I ask, is the Crown an entity for Peace?
Does Canada stand for Peace?
Do we love those different from ourselves?
Do we help or hinder?

My father fought for Peace in WW2. I know he carried the scars and trauma his whole life and because of it we grew up in an unstable home environment. My Mother informed me that for the first five years after my father returned from overseas he awoke screaming every night. I look at old pre-war photos, my Dad was happy, playful, full of life. That joyful spirit was cut down by war. 
For many years my father lived with his demons, never speaking of them, though in later years he did express to me some of the horror of being a soldier. 
My father cried, tears streaming down his face every time he watched world news on TV of war and destruction. He had believed in Peace. He had believed the war he fought in was to end all wars.
My father believed in Peace.
We are all the same, we are all brothers and sisters, do we not all look the same in the dark?
 Do we not all bleed the same colour blood? 
Do we not all have dreams of Peace.
Peace be with You!
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Thank you to its creator whoever you be.


Red said...

You're right that war does not bring any peace. It only sets the reason to fight another war.
I think that we don't know or understand a fraction of the harm done to people who fought. You were aware of your father's challenges and also that he did not share very many of his experiences. I would think that he appreciated being able to talk to you about some of his experiences.

john said...

Amen, and thank you for this post. You are very articulate in expressing what others cannot find adequate words to communicate.