Friday, November 18, 2011

Frosty Update

Black and white morning.

As promised yesterday I've taken the time to photograph the New improved Frosty.
 Retro Frosty
 Frosty Colorfully Updated
Frosty is an ambassador for Peace
I like how eyebrows add expression.
A peacock to keep him company and a flowered brim to remind us spring is but hiding for now.
We will place Frosty in the front yard so that children can see him on their way to school in the mornings. Not sure if we will keep the light bulb in him though it would be nice at night to see his cheery glow. 
We will have to securely stake Frosty down so the north winds don't steal him away.
Have a colourful day and a Hug!


Carol Blackburn said...

Frosty is so handsome, :)
It was a bit frosty here this morning too. My road was resurfaces about a month ago and I guess new asphalt holds ice better than old asphalt because when I came home from work the only place I encountered black ice was on the one mile strip of new asphalt that runs in front of my house, LOL.
I know they say most accidents happen within 2 miles of home and I guess this could be one reason. Enjoy your evening, Tess.

Red said...

You made me look at your Frosty until I could find the updating. I'm sure this guy will be a hit.
Great idea to take your Frosty and spice him up!

tess stieben said...

Frosty says thanks for the compliment Carol. We have snow cover here now and its been darn cold, like minus 20.

Red I am getting excited about placing
Frosty out this next weekend. I noticed today there is another retro Frosty down the street so I'm glad I added character to ours.
Hugs to all!