Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avocet Dream

"Avocet Dream"
The unveiling of my latest acrylic painting which is now hung in "Mirror Lake Art Club" group show at Chuck Macleans Art Center in Camrose AB. I started this painting a few years back with the idea of placing a chickadee in the composition, but upon discussion with Gerald he suggested I place an exotic bird instead, Thank you dear one, the idea worked. 

With heritage as a theme for this years show I found delight in once again painting the church on Mirror Lake in celebration of the building being one hundred years old. And, to give a unique twist from the over painted church and swans images that people tend to favor, I placed an elegant shorebird flying past like fleeting thoughts of spring that warms the soul during the cold harsh winters. This female American Avocet in breeding attire is headed for its nesting ground at the nearby reservoir. In alternate winter plumage the head and neck of the avocet is white or grayish color. The male and female are similar with the difference being that the female has a more re-curved bill than the male. It is a true North American species that winters in California and New Mexico and breeds from eastern New Mexico north through the plains where there are shallow lakes and north into Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

  The Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church that overlooks Mirror Lake is a building that gracefully denies its age. The 100 year old structure has become a well known scenic landmark as the subject of many painters and photographers over the years. The church was initially “constructed in 1909 by St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Parish.”  In 1927 the building was “sold to the Grace Lutheran Church” then  later “sold to the Bethel Lutheran congregation” whereupon it was moved to its present day site in 1953.  Then in 1986 this quaint little church was sold once again, this time to the Ukrainian Catholic congregation. This little church may have many tales to tell as it has housed both western and eastern Catholic and Evangelical ceremonies through out its centurion history.

“Quotes and dates” exerted from WCR sept 26/05

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Road-tripping-shutter-clicking day

Its 30+ degrees c outside and 29 degrees c in, tad warm an sweaty this weather. Yesterday was a road-tripping-shutter-clicking day that was as equally hot, so hot that heat waves blocked taking clear pictures in the afternoon. So we had jam buns in the shade of trees sheltering a graveyard. By evening we were lucky to find a small gravel roadside pond near Camrose with some tree shade in which to escape from the heat. Actually a sweet passerby stopped to tell us where to find beavers so we headed there to see them, took a few photos of the beavers, listened to the kits meowing in the den which was right beside the road, saw the butt end of a fox or coyote moving through the brush which caused a big hula-buloo with the birds who took to squawking. In all it was a nice enjoyable place to stop with little traffic. We took numerous shots as Gerald is learning his cute lil mini-cam and I attempted to learn to use manual focus on my SLR. I captured a lot of noise, but joy-o-joy I also captured nice clear detailed small birds which I cannot yet post as my computer cannot handle the load, so I downloaded them on a friends machine till I can put them on disc. so keep checking back to see when I will be posting, but as a visual person I cannot write without posting something so here is an inquisitive squirrel that was watching me photograph birds one day last month. Oh ya and to top off yesterdayday I saw a "Moose moose moose," well, thats what I said as I got so excited, but he was headed for the trees and with traffic coming both directions there was nowhere to stop to pull off a shot,  I was just happy to be out adventuring and seeing new sights and new birds. Ah life is grand when we can stop an smell the flowers, and view the birds. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mirror lake sunset

Good morning. I'm not so bushy-tailed this morn as I was up for two hours during the night battling the dragons. With EDS comes pain that meds only slightly numb. But through it all I persevere as I must, after all I have many  birds to photograph and my mind is buzzing with ideas that are yearning to stroke, spill, splash and fly across the canvas.  I finished off a painting yesterday  which is entered in an group exhibition by the Camrose Art Club, of which I am a member. The show is at the Chuck Macleans Art Center in Camrose for the month of August.

 A mirrored sunset on Mirror Lake in Camrose. 
The dark silhouetting dissolves the trees and the man-made structures giving an illusion of a secluded lake. This is a great little slew type lake in the center of town that is a nesting area for many birds and a few ducks as well as the resident Trumpeter swans that raise young on the lake each year.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smiles for all

Good morning, it a beautiful day, the sun is smiling, the house finches are taking turns at the pop-bottle  feeder. Life is good. Here are a couple photos that Sharon Sargent Graham took of me at my show. Thank you Sharon, its nice to have an outside shot, and as you can see it was Canada day, the day where Canadian flags are seen everywhere.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Westlands Art Gallery, Cochrane
"Natures Whisper" exhibition.

A few of the wonderful friends and artists whom came from calgary to support my show in Cochrane. Charles, Sharon and Wayne. Once again thank you for your generous support. It was a wonderful day of interaction with friends and getting to meet new people who share my love of art and nature. If interested in any of my work seen here please contact Westlands Art Gallery at 403-932-3030 or email or email 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Raspberry Moose

This young fella is giving me the raspberry, guess thats what he thinks of having his picture took. This was taken on the way back from my Westlands Art Gallery show that opened July 1st. 
I thank all the wonderful people who came out to support me at my showing, thank you dear ones. hugs to you all, and for those who could not make it the show will be up for at least another week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Featured Artist at Westlands Art Gallery in Cochrane. The place to go to view and purchase my beautiful colorful bird and animal paintings. Where do I get my inspiration? From the wonderful world around me. These little fawns were a gift. We spotted them on the way back north after the show opening at Westlands on July 1st.  

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blessing of Creation

This painting is one of three of mine that are being shown at "The House Coffee Sanctuary" in Kensington for Calgary Stampede. Emmaus Art Group has the walls of the coffee shop filled. Go and view the wonderful art that the group has hung for your enjoyment, quality works are for sale. Each month there is a new showing at "The House," drop by often to refresh your soul.

Its an exciting time for me as I feel I have gained focus with my painting. Bright jolts of color accented with realist birds and animals. It seems the more time I spent out in the environment the more in-tuned I become to the abundant variations of color, eye-candy for the soul. Creation has gifted us much to enjoy, lets work together to keep it flourishing. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adventure to Cochrane and back again.

Wow, life is great. What a wonderful road-trip as we rambled along the back roads to Cochrane to deliver paintings on monday. I got us onto gravel roads to see new sights, which as usual ended up being the longer route, which is not uncommon for me so we just missed Meg at the gallery yet luckily arrived there in time to drop off the paintings, wheew, just. Then on to Calgary to stay with my son and to deliver more art. On tuesday we visited with a friend who took "Meadowlark Song" home (thank you Stephen, may you gain much viewing pleasure to support wonderful memories). In the afternoon we took a stroll through Inglewood bird sanctuary where we saw wood ducklings and had a buck brazenly squat in the brush right off the path from us, what an adventure. On July 1st Gerald drove me back to Cochrane for my exhibition at Westlands Art Gallery. Had a great time seeing good friends who came out to support me. Thank you all. Sharon brought a bouquet of flowers from her garden, mmm, so sweet the smell of lilac and red rose. On our way north that afternoon we were blessed with the sighting of an eagle soaring above. I prayed "Thank You Creator for this wonderful Creation." We ventured along a side route by Sundre and once again blessed, this time sighting a doe and two fawns. I captured images thankful my day was so very full and complete. But as things go in threes, wouldn't you know it down the road was a youngish looking moose casually munching away just off the roadside in a bit of a clearing. As I said previously, "life is good" there are so many blessings all we have to do is take notice of them and give thanks.