Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blessing of Creation

This painting is one of three of mine that are being shown at "The House Coffee Sanctuary" in Kensington for Calgary Stampede. Emmaus Art Group has the walls of the coffee shop filled. Go and view the wonderful art that the group has hung for your enjoyment, quality works are for sale. Each month there is a new showing at "The House," drop by often to refresh your soul.

Its an exciting time for me as I feel I have gained focus with my painting. Bright jolts of color accented with realist birds and animals. It seems the more time I spent out in the environment the more in-tuned I become to the abundant variations of color, eye-candy for the soul. Creation has gifted us much to enjoy, lets work together to keep it flourishing. 

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Anonymous said...

Now I am a bright Jolt. lol See what I do to people.
Come on people comment it is easy. I use the anonymous line. One has to click more than once to get to the words to post this. So don't be shy an just do it.. lol