Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Further down the road.

After a wonderful, though way to hot for hiking week in Radium that concluded with a dear ones wedding and the chance to catch up a wee bit with siblings we headed southward. Our intention was to camp in Cranbrook but when we arrived I noticed forest fire smoke billowing upwards at a great velocity not far away. We enquired and were informed it was a back-fire set to pre-burn a strip to stop an uncontrolled forest fire. The smoke was so thick my poor nose felt as though it were on fire so onward to Creston we head after purchasing a card reader, I forgot ours at home. We always stay at Pair-O-Dice campground, which tends to be gaining popularity as there were very few spots available. We didn't obtain much sleep though as its near an industrial shop where some one decided to unload a truck at 3am, so the sound of a fork-lift beeping every time it backed up kept us awake for a few hours.

We spent the day wandering around Creston, chatting with the few people we encountered and taking in the art walk scene. As we wandered downtown streets we noticed many store were empty, closed up, not much there at all. It felt like a very depressed town. As we talked with locals we found that the trend in the area is to cross the border and shop for less in the states. I find this sad for if we don't support our local markets then we lose them, and it seems this towns depressed state is due such repercussions. I am a strong believer in supporting local talent and markets. I refuse to buy imported merchandise as much as is possible. We buy our meat, grains, fruits and produce from local farmers, the exception being is oranges and the odd pineapple. I taught myself to crochet and now have an abundance of hats for winter as well as for gifting. I grew up with the motto of reuse, recycle and make do. Its a good motto to live by. In the summer I made my sun hats using fabric bought at sales for $1 to $2 a meter that people donate what they no longer have a need for. My older sister and a few others also gifted me with material so my next project is to make some bags and purses.

Seems I drifted off topic of summer vacation, alas such is the way of my mind.

 Enjoying what the summer brings
 in warmth and flight
 and color thats sunshine bright.
Young crow 
and a fuzzy-butt fly?
Enjoy the moment, hugs to all!