Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Down memory lane

Down memory lane, though not my memories as these are my older siblings. I have been taking a break from sorting travel photos and have begun the task of scanning old photos and hundreds of old negatives that my daughter rescued. After my father had passed my mother was sorting through photos and tossing many out including the old negatives. I am so thankful that we were visiting at the time and that my daughter had enough interest to save these. Many of the negatives are worse for wear, dirty, stained, scratched and  some the image is all but faded; yet amazingly my scanner is doing a fine job in the capture, far better than I had imagined. The most wonderful thing I have realized is that if I scan at 600 to 720 dpi I get phenomenal blow-up clarity. This project has really inspired me towards old film photography and the quality it beholds.
This in my Mom and Dad. On the back of the photo it states "Jim & I. Nova Scotia. six months pregnant with Larry" Taken just before my Dad was sent overseas during WW2.
I love the old folder that these photos were stored in, it seemed fitting to scan the memories escaping their confines. Two images of my Dad and my Mom.

Have a great day, Hugs!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Post For Miss Kitty

The estuary footpaths that took one upstream had washed out during the winter due winter storms. Posted was a request to abstain from using the path to give the vegetation a chance to recover. So we hit the pavement and drove back from whence we came. Near the rivers mouth I spy another trail, and this one was open to foot traffic though bikes and motorized vehicles were prohibited. So what is the first thing we chance upon?
This wayward young man was not quite sure what to do when I aimed the camera his way, maybe he thought we were Wildlife Officials. The sister had stayed at the road waiting while her two brothers ran the trail, she mentioned that they would not listen to her, so I gave them heck, telling them they have scared the birds off. Sheepishly they said they only went a short ways down the trail. Luckily there were still birds to be seen.
A Wren I believe. Having a dust bath in the middle of the path.
Ladybug Delight.
Doesn't this look like a birds nest?
A deer down for a drink at one of the streams. She had a fawn with her but the grass was so tall all we could see was little ears poking up.
A bottle tree.
Seems there is nowhere one can go without seeing the mark of mankind.
An artists garden.
This one is for Miss Kitty, two for the price of one, a bird and a fish all in one shot.
This is a the prize for spending three hours watching heron fish. I have cropped the photo to show the airborne fish.
Hugs to all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The day is still young.

A view of the sea from Qualicum beach.
 The shore at my feet.
After our scenic picnic breakfast we asked the wonderful volunteers at the sand sculpture's where to find a good area for viewing birds. As luck would have it we were directed a few miles down the road to Parksville-Qualicum Beach Wildlife Management Area, which is an estuary at the mouth of the Englishman River.
Above is a view towards the river mouth, below you can see the tributaries reaching towards the sea.
Quiet simplicity; heron silhouette against blues and green.
A family of Mergansers.

We also saw a belted kingfisher, which of course as all the others have previously done, eluded me.
The killdeer blended so well that I did not see them till their movement caught my eye.
Another wee bird that blended into the muck. This one was smaller than the killdeer.
There were a family of flickers enjoying the sunny day, how wonderful to have wings.
Caught one!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Sand-Sculpture

A Fairy Tale of Enchantment, the little girl is sitting on a book.

This one was very interesting in the way that it is set out.

A few close-ups to show detail.

I love the feet sticking out of the golf cart,
and of course the fella in the safari hat peeking over the dinosaur is priceless.

Back view is just as interesting in detail.

Another dragon.
And another.
And back to the yin-yang dragon.

Oh and guess what... another dragon or two.

The fella in the boat is hiding from one dragon oblivious to the second dragon eying him up.

A much simpler sculpture, love the teardrop.
And to finish off another view of the warrior. The detail is amazing. its hard to believe they are made of sand and will wash away in the rain and sea breeze.
Apparently they truck all this sand in as the beach sand in Qualicum is not tacky enough for large sculptures as these. Its amazing how the sand can hold such fine detail.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sandcastles at Qualicum

Gerald and I checked out the sand-building competion in Qualicum and after we enjoyed a breakfast of bread and jam and handfuls of fresh blueberries

Here is a variety of the sand-art.

this is the back view of the previous one with the horse and rider.

These three are differing views of the same sculpture.

Well last of all I shall leave you with a Bear-hug, more to come tomorrow, goodnight all.