Friday, September 17, 2010

Vancouver Island Wildlife Recovery

This fella was singing while we picked blueberries in Surrey BC with my brother. Wish I had the room to do canning while traveling as we paid about $3.00 for a pailful, whereas the stores in Edmonton were selling a mere handful for that price. It was wonderful to toss plenty into blueberry pancakes, mmmmm-good. We prepare all our food ourselves from scratch, no mixes for us, just good ole-fashioned healthy take time to relax and prepare wholesome food.

Next stop Naniamo area on Vancouver Island
A white raven in rehab at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center on Vancouver island.
My wonderful niece gave us a grand tour as she has been there a few times previously, thank you Ashley. I was wanting so much to see a white raven though it was sad that the only one we saw was behind bars, I presume due an injury. I could not get a clear decent shot, so thank goodness  Gerald got good footage on his mini-cam, which I will use when it comes time to do the painting that has been gestating for about a year now.
Hey let me out, I want to fly!
Turtle, turtles, we love turtles, ya, ya ya!
There is a pathway around the grounds that take you on a mini-tour past Australian black swans, turkeys and a rooster to this sweet little pond full of turles.
We got to attend a talk on Barred Owls at the centre.
They had some good displays of bird and animal skulls and birds nests but my 50D camera was still acting up  since it got out of rehab so I ended up with a lot of crappy-no-focus images, grrr!
As of this point the camera is back once again for repair. Maybe I should have stuck with a Rebel as my old original one is still going strong. Or as my cuz says "should have gone Nikon"
Look at me, I can fly free!
An artsy-fartsy shot of a weathered carving.
this may be my favourite shot of the day, reminds of an Emily Carr image.


Red said...

I look forward to your posts about your trip. Have you ever checked out the Medicine River Wildlife Rehabilitation Center? Lots to see and learn there.
Most albinos do not survive in the wild as their own attack them and they are usually killed.

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings dear Teresa,

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Mum likes blueberries and so does my big brother. There is nothing like picking your own, at least you know there good.

I've never seen or for that matter head of a white raven. One learns something new each day.

Thank you for all these wonderful pictures,.

Enjoy your Sunday,
Miss Kitty and dad (Egmont)

teresa stieben said...

No, Red, I haven't been to the Medicine River Center yet, its on my too-do list. Apparently the white ravens are leucistic rather than true albinos as they have the most wonderful blue eyes. I sure wish we had seen the ones in the wild. We did find out where they hang about but they apparently had not been seen for bout 3 or 4 weeks previous to when we arrived. Big Sigh!

Dear Miss Kitty you would thrill at the sight of a white raven.