Friday, September 3, 2010

Birding, BC and back

Sandhill Crane parent and baby at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta BC. A memorable day was had at the Bird Sanctuary. Gerald and I met up with my cousin and we spent a beautiful sunny day walking the park. I filled two 8G camera cards that day alone and now have about 10,000 photos to sort through from the trip west. The D50 is still not working properly after being repaired, which is a regal pain as I missed fantastic no brainer shots because the focus still is not registering proper and the shutter is jamming. So back its going this weekend.
Next shot is a close up of  the adult crane's bill. Mmmm, yummy, looks like a rodent to me.
I have been wanting to capture a Crane for a long time, so it was a pretty exciting day for me. One of the adults had walked fairly close to the path we were on and gave what may have been a warning squawk to keep our distance. Of course those were also shots missed due shutter freezing.

I will be posting more of the trip shots, but now I need to start unpacking and cleaning up the camping gear. All-in-all, aside from the camera issues its been a wonderful refreshing vacation.

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john said...

10,000 photos, That's an astounding number. It would take me months to edit that many shots. Nice crane photos.