Sunday, September 5, 2010

First camground

After firstly visiting our grandchild for a couple of days we decided to travel south to Hwy #3 rather than Hwy #1 as 250 wildfires inundated the interior of BC with thick smoke. We encountered one bad section where smoke hampered clear breathing, though thankfully we passed through it in about an hours drive. Many areas held smoke haze but for the better part we had a clear breathing journey west to the coast.
Smoke Haze from wildfires.

The first night we camped in Creston  BC at a wonderful little campground filled with the chatter of various birds that were gorging on dehydrating saskatoon berries. Of course while Gerald set up camp I attempted to capture a few birds. Though the evening shots are not clear I had a second chance in the morning while coffee was perking. There is nothing quite as refreshing as campfire perked coffee, though due fire-bans we had to use the propane cookstove rather than a pit-fire.

Early bird enjoying the morning sun under a banner of saskatoons.

Not only were saskatoons abundant, so were the mosquitoes. We spent half the night swatting bugs till we super-duct-taped the screen around the mini-van window. Seems those hungry suckers could smell blood and managed to find small crevasses to crawl through. Duct-tape, never leave home without it!

Small ground forager. This bird was fun to watch as it scurried bobbing up and down amongst a heap of cut grasses and twigs. 

Even the Robins were enjoying the dry berries.

As bright and cheery as the rising sun a Western Tanager blessed me with its presence, which made my day even better.
Western Tanager, male.

And of course I cannot forget the resident rodent which was also scurrying around the grass-clipping heap, not sure what he was looking for but he also seemed to relish the saskatoons.

Have a greatly filled with sunshine and love. Hugs!

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Red said...

I took #3 a few years ago and really enjoyed it. There seemed to be less traffic and there ore some pretty interesting towns to stop in and poke around.
We had some really bad smoke here for a few days.