Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maning Park, BC

Here is the wonderful stream that flowed by our camp. With the coffee perking and the enticing chirp of wee birds I set about to catch a few images; though due subdued morning light conditions it took me a bit to figure out what setting to use, but I managed to capture a few wonderful moments.
Chipmunk was busy scurrying about paying no heed to me and my camera tinkering.
A morning mist rainbow slide right down the mountainside as the sun forced the fog down into the earth. It only lasted moments but was spectacular.

A wonderful morning pose.

A beautiful bug, I love the colors.

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Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Teresa,

Thank you for having stopped by and visited with me at my blog. I am so happy for what dad is doing. To celebrate the launch he even brought by a few new things for me to play with.

Being a feline it is my duty to watch out for mouse and birds, but now that I am a senior, bids get away with a lot more and besides I would rather watch them from the comfort of my pillows by the window of the balcony.

However daddy is a big time bird watcher who gets very excited when he hears a new sound or the woodpecker is back.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,Miss kitty and Egmont