Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fell off the Edge

 We have been really busy with house, yard and volunteer work this past month. We had intended to go camping again but the Rain Gods decided we needed to stay home and sent torrential rains the day after we got back from camping in Jasper. Gerald went downstairs to do a load of laundry and all I could hear was "Oh my God, Oh my God"over and over.
I hurriedly investigated to find him standing in a puddle, yuk! Old carpet sure stinks bad when wet and had to be removed right away. And as I have been wanting them out Gerald says I need be careful what I ask for as it does not always come in the best of manner. Good thing is we were home and the problem is being remedied.

More to come as we have nature-scaped our front yard.  There is still yard work that needs done and though I cannot do the manual labor I can supervise with the best of them, lol. I will post yard images later as I cannot find them right now.
Big Hugs, lots of laughter and a sunny smile.

The Jasper totem story may be posted next month as its become an long essay which I presently don't have time to finish.
Ok, so the title really had nothing to do with my tale other than I have been absent for the last month.