Monday, October 15, 2012

For Red

Thanks for pointing that out to me Red, here is "Paul's Trophy Trout" for your viewing pleasure.
I did post the painting on my art blog but somehow missed putting the large version here. So thank you

Paul's Trophy Trout

Paul's Trophy Trout painting is completed.
My sweetie suggested a pose with the trout painting by the fence I painted this summer, kinda like a double advertisement.
 what do you think?
does it work?

I'm pleased to note Paul exclaimed that the fish seems to come right out from the picture plane, I have to admit I've outdone myself on this one as he is right, it does project forward. I am so happy to have accomplished this. This painting was a real pleasure to work on. Paul gave me a photo of his mounted trophy fish to work from, then twice I watched Paul's fishing video at  After that I viewed online underwater photography of fish to figure out movement and lighting, then researched Alberta lake plants and roughed out a sketch for approval. Once the task of painting started I went through it all again to refresh my concept and topping it off, a wee bit was learned about fish and freshwater aquatic plants during the process.
While painting I thought about the pleasant times spent in a canoe fishing Alberta lakes many years ago, and of times sitting on the wharf in BC listening to the waves lap the pilings as fisher-persons, heron and kingfishers brought in their catch.
Thanks Paul for bringing pleasant memories alive with your request to paint your Trophy Trout.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

textiles art furniture

It rained all night and is snowing all day. I need to photograph a painting just completed but the tripod attachment was left in the car and the car is not here so I will have to wait till tomorrow to do that so instead I decided to snap a few images of one of my recent projects; refurbishing a rocking-chair.
For awhile I was collecting scraps of heavy material with the objective to create some pillow shams till  an alternative idea caught my eye. Cruising online I came across two designers, Hoda Baroudi and  Maria Hibri who created "Bokja Design"  these two very talented ladies created a line of refurbished furniture using varied textiles in patchwork designs to give a fresh new look to cast off furniture.

 On the left is what the original chair looks like, as we have two I need to start collecting more heavy fabric scraps to cover it as well.
 Gerald had to bring the chair downstairs so that I could cut and sew to fit, otherwise I would have not been able to create this art chair.
 I don't follow patterns when I create a large project as this. I just pin, assess, cut, stitch, cut, alter, pin,  re-assess continually till the piece takes shape. Decisions on randomness of color and fabrics are made off-the-cuff so to speak. Its all double stitched and top-stitched for durability. In all it took four full long days to complete, whew, what a process. And through it all I only had to rip out stitching twice, now thats amazing.
Initially I was going to sew the textiles to the chair but then decided for ease of cleaning to make it as a very fitted cover, so its actually two sections that can be removed plus the seat cover.
I like eclectic furnishings, art and ideas that bring out ones creativity in varied areas. 
Enjoy your day, hugs!