Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hoar Frost

Went out searching for snowy owls but alas did not spot any. We did see this lone coyote hunting in the fields and came across a small flock of redpolls which were sent to wing due the noise of an approaching sled.

The frost on the trees was lovely though in some areas the fog was too dense to see through.

The landscape was a magical winter wonderland, I now wish I had taken more time to capture shots of the fog frost laden trees but we were on a mission, that and my fingers froze from standing out in the cold playing with dials and focus. I am such a wuss when it comes to the -14 temps that the day held.

The barley legible common redpolls in the branches, its too bad the snowmobile scattered them before I could focus in clearly. I have been spending time working manuel mode rather than using camera auto. Of course I miss more shots that way but the shots are nicer. It will be something when I actually learn how to use this camera.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

this is how I feel today

Well once again christmas is done and who do I feel like at this point in the holiday venture, lil' cindy Loo Hoo, the pup or the Grinch?

Friday, December 25, 2009

More Creative Nativities

I decided to post a few more Nativities as I feel they are so beautifully made and as I mentioned the other day the variety of media is wonderfully creative. Pieces in the show ranged from extremely simple designs to intricate carvings, some with elaborate decoration and some with a sense of humor.
There were bears nativities as well as ones with chickens and also moose but as they were behind glass that gave off many reflections I didn't even attempt to photograph them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing theses sculptural creations.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Creativity in Nativity Variety

Last weekend we went to view the 500 Nativities on display at West End Christian Reform Church in Edmonton. Many volunteers work hard at setting up the display for one weekend before Christmas each year. This was the 3rd year I have gone and every year there are more wonderful creations from around the world presented. Out of 500 I managed to get photos of maybe 70? I thought it would be nice to post a few for all to enjoy the variety of skills and medium worked with from clay, glass, tin, wood and even, believe it or not cake.

This is an old collector paper piece

The winged angels are so sweet, and the patina on the one above is gorgeous.  So much creativity filled the church I was in awe of the workmanship and variation in styles. Wow isn't creating a grand adventure. I love the fact that most of the Nativities were created by hand, of course there also were the store bought varieties including some wonderful antiques displayed.

Some figures were colorful and sit in their own nicely painted display box. There were beautiful wall hangings of which I only got photos of a couple.

A time for Peace and Goodwill to all for the coming New Year.
May all of mankind learn to pull together with one another to embrace the blessings and gifts we all have to share with one another regardless of race, religion or personal belief systems. Lets embrace our differences and rejoice that Creator has given us an exciting variety to humankind and within the natural world. For it is through the Creators creativity that we too are gifted with an abundance of resourcefulness in creating art, dance, song, poetry, good food and the list goes on. It is due our diversity that we have the means to share with each other. Five hundred Nativities and hardly a repeat amongst them, what avisual statement of our gift of creativity.

This is the edible cake; as one gentleman remarked its too pretty to eat.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas pleasure

Its been snowing lightly all day and briskly cold, brrr. So my thoughts are wandering to the warmth of the oven in anticipation of turkey dinner, home made stuffing and boiled cranberries, mmm. My mouth is already watering. I am so glad my father taught me how to stuff a turkey, his were the best. I don't go in for those fatty butter stuffed gobblers, no mine has to be draped with strips of bacon and basted in its own juices as it cooks.
As it will be a quiet Christmas this year I am thinking that a christmas picnic would be a wonderful plan. Pack up turkey sandwiches and coca, bundle up warmly and search out wing flash of bird color. I wonder if my chauffeur will agree.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fozzie-Paws looking for a Christmas Tree

This painting was completed last year as a gift for Fozzie's parents. I figured now was a good time to post this one seeing as winter is now here with a vengeance. Ah the life of an Albertan. Its been -30 to -37 this past few days, brr, time to hibernate. I have been taking it quite easy since my show opening at the Wildbird General Store in Edmonton as I have been set back by my EDS which had put me flat on my back in pain. I no sooner got my feet under me than I was knocked back down again with excruciating pain behind my shoulder blade. Though on a good note, I found a book at a garage sale this fall about working on frozen shoulder syndrome by pressing into tender points. Well I have done that in the past, press and massage where it hurts, but this book is amazing as it showed points under the lower end of the shoulder blade I had not worked before. Darn I never knew that area was a trouble spot, 2 days of massaging and its settling faster than it ever has before. Yay for garage sale finds.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Another one of my most recent. I took it to my opening with the finish still a bit tacky as I was excited to get it up with the rest of the show, bringing up the total to 18 paintings on view for sale at the General Bird Store in Edmonton.

My sweetie titled this one, kinda cute, just like the ducklings.
It was such a wonderful opening the owners went all out with vegetable and fruit trays as well as sweets and wine and juice spritzers. Lu gave a presentation on warblers of Alberta which only inspired me more to go out and capture warblers next spring while they wear their splendid mating plumage. So many birds to photograph and paint, its all such a wonderful adventure. An added bonus to the evening was being presented a dozen red roses, now that regal treatment.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Solitude, Common Loon

"Solitude, Common Loon"
My most recent painting, so recent that the varnish is still tacky.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

exhibition at Wildbird General Store

Out of the Reeds, Blue-winged Teal
Art now showing at the Wildbird General Store in Edmonton

The show is hung with love and care for all to enjoy. It is so good to see a new show go up. This is smaller venue than the last so fewer painting are displayed though. Gerald has done a wonderful job of hanging 16 in a small space and has it looking fabulous. Its such a great venue to show my paintings as people who come there love birds and nature. Opening night is Dec 3 from 7-9 pm. I am all excited about this new venture. As I realize the beauty and fantastic variety in life that surrounds us daily it fills my being with joy and I pray that my work will bring joy to others.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

looking for the colors

Fall has been a rather dreary assemblage this year. The leaves froze on the trees stunting their colorful sky dances; leaving instead curled brown wind beaten leaves that cling still-desperately to the trees. So it has been a matter of searching out the small ofttimes hidden spasms of color amongst the gray-browns of decay.

I liked the play of the shadows silhouetting the fruit upon the fence.

purple greens, such a lovely pause

This is Skitters, he is the new resident squirrel. He's a wee bit shy and timid, though he tends to be curious about my camera he keeps a fair distance between himself and I. Which I can tell you is quite fine with me. The memories of two previous encounters of psycho squirrels is quite enough for me. Years back on a mid winter walk along the Bow River in Calgary I had one run up my leg which led me to screaming as it climbed towards my face. it must have been quite a sight as my companion buckled over laughing as I crazily danced about attempting to shake the rodents clutches. The next experience was last summer at my friends house. I was watering the flowers when a squirrel ran at me from behind, pounced the back of my legs, ran up and onto the wall of the house. At once I turned the water stream upon the critter who in turn did an about face and charged again, causing my rapid retreat into the house.

Sunflower lovers
I kinda missed posting for a bit so heres to halloween past, I like the "important" tag hanging off the house cable behind. My daughter loves halloween yet has missed it two years in a row by being in Oz. So here's to you my dear.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or treat

Well the little ghouls were out in full on hallows eve. It was so refreshing to see so many home made costumes this year. One group showed up as condiments and a table setting. Then there were the lego-blocks and gypsy-pirates, as well as the usual gangsters and fairy princess, though we also had snow white who had met her demise, no fairy tale ending to that one. There was a goth-devil and a few furry Ewoks, they were great. As well were the usual amount of super heros and Ninjas out combating the dread evil of the night. All in all it was a treat to see the creativity that blossomed, I was so tired of seeing kids in those ugly store bought no imagination gobs of plastic that the previous 10 years had spewed out. Thank goodness a return to artistic sensibilities and pride in making ones own costume, way to go trick -or-treaters.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Young Crow and Pretty Sparrow

Where does the time fly to, seems it was just spring and now there is frost on the ground, and yesterday I woke to a sprinkling of snow. This young crow found the sunflower seeds that the finches toss all over in their gluttonous feeding sprees. He did not seem to fazed when I opened the window to take his picture. I quite like the pose.
Then as soon as I had put the camera down I heard a sound at the side window and peeked out, here was a little sparrow, such a sweet wee thing. I just love these little birds, and I haven't even painted one yet. He was doing a cute little survival of the fittest jump hop an drag of leaves to shuffle them aside to unearth bugs and seeds that have fallen.
Having a rest from all that work, paused but a moment for me to get off one good and two bad shots in succession then back to his jump-scratch-hop-peek methods which enabled me a lot of blurry shots.
And to sum up the morning I shot some color, which we did not get much of this year as the leaves froze to the trees, turned mostly brown and dropped off. Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Art Connoisseur

The Art Connoisseur
This little pretty is for sale at Westlands Art Gallery in Cochrane Alberta. I just loved painting this one, doesn't he just look like he would enjoy viewing a colorful art exhibition.
I have a Great Blue Heron painting on the drawing table thats waiting to be finished. My studio has new wood flooring installed, thanks to the wonderful hard work of my son and Gerald, thank you my dears, it is so nice and warm on the feet compared to lino. Now I need to haul in my old painting rug to protect the floor under my easel. I have a cabinet coming on sunday to display my odd assortment of still life articles that I have collected for themed paintings, bird ornamentation and a variety of vases. I am so looking forward to having all my things in one place. Hugs to all, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Summer dreams

Summer is but a dream away. Feeling a bit down, I miss the vibrant blooming colors. I was going to post a blossom but decided this was a cheerful shot, ahh the lazy hazy days of summer.