Thursday, October 29, 2009

Young Crow and Pretty Sparrow

Where does the time fly to, seems it was just spring and now there is frost on the ground, and yesterday I woke to a sprinkling of snow. This young crow found the sunflower seeds that the finches toss all over in their gluttonous feeding sprees. He did not seem to fazed when I opened the window to take his picture. I quite like the pose.
Then as soon as I had put the camera down I heard a sound at the side window and peeked out, here was a little sparrow, such a sweet wee thing. I just love these little birds, and I haven't even painted one yet. He was doing a cute little survival of the fittest jump hop an drag of leaves to shuffle them aside to unearth bugs and seeds that have fallen.
Having a rest from all that work, paused but a moment for me to get off one good and two bad shots in succession then back to his jump-scratch-hop-peek methods which enabled me a lot of blurry shots.
And to sum up the morning I shot some color, which we did not get much of this year as the leaves froze to the trees, turned mostly brown and dropped off. Have a beautiful day.

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