Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kings University Exhibition is up

Here is a shot of the beautiful Atrium at The Kings University College in Edmonton where my paintings are presently on display till mid Nov. You can see some of my paintings on the far wall, they continue through to the right of where I stood and took the photo from. On the upper level is Daniel's show and some of Kings students work.My lovely daughter came to give me loving support and a few laughs.
A couple of show goers admiring the swans. These are portraits of four of the Camrose resident swans. The swans were fantastic to paint, as each upon close scrutiny were all different from one another in face and stature. Its pretty amazing that all beings have their own personality and looks, even creatures I falsely thought were all alike. Like wow, life is amazing with its abundance of variety in species. Its to bad that mankind is the worst species for causing the downfall of birds, animals and each other. Maybe some day everyone will realize that we must think generations ahead and not just for the day.

Caughtcha with hand in the chip dish. My most trusted chauffeur and assistant Gerald. He delivered the art and helped Daniel hang the exhibition. This was his time to relax, get to chat with people and take photos for me, but alas he got the chatting part down to a tee and had a wonderful time.... and I did not get many photos of the people looking at the paintings but I tell you I could not ask for a better assistant, he's tops!
A joyful touch to the afternoon was of having Brenda show up rounding off the afternoon with more excellent company. The show will be up until mid november and then some pieces will go to Canmore and some to the Wildbird General Store in Edmonton for Dec.

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