Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snows have come

Time just spins by and I know not whereupon it travels. The snow blew in with the cool winds and birds huddle by the feeder. And I impatiently wishing my finger to heal so that I can get back to serious painting. I can't even take photos as its my right pointer that I slew with a jagged broken needle, ouch. Hurts thinking about it. Foolishness begets injury. I went for x-rays as the needle broke in two inside my finger and it seemed as though there may be a piece left in, but thankfully there is no metal embedded in my finger. It only needs time to heal.
So I am posting a little sparrow of sorts, don't know what type, but its so sweet its begging to be painted. The photo was taken in Kananaskis in the sweet, sweet summertime. Ah how I miss the flowers already. The frost and snow killed them off about a week ago, sigh. Winter is such a sad time for me, too cold, and it pains my body dreadful. Yet it is during the winter I buckle down and paint steady. Painting is meditative. I have a large Blue Heron painting on the easel waiting to be completed and a whole aviary of birds on the brain scratching, chipping, squawking in a flap to be set free on canvas.

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