Sunday, January 27, 2013

Went a wandering today.

Went out today to see if we could spot owls but they were elusive.
There was a dark lump in the far distance way across a field so I snapped a few shots and what to our wondering eyes do we see... a porcupine. 

click on photo to see larger
We saw two porcupine in different areas and both were way out in the middle of a field. Amazingly they move at a pretty steady pace which surprised me as this is the first time I have watched one out in the open. Now I don't have a fantastic love of rodents though I do find porcupines ironically adorable.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Blessings

Prayers for Chief Theresa Spence for her courage and strength. I pray that Harper will meet with her. I pray she will live and not die needlessly from her hunger-strike which is in its 22nd day as we need her strength and courage to guide us into a peaceful way.

Harper government has destroyed protection for our Mother earth, our water and air regardless of the devastation it leaves this country in for our grandchildren. Corporate greed for the illusion of monetary riches needs to change. All need to recognize that riches lie in fresh air, clean water and clean land to grow healthy foods. Money is an illusion; our land, the air we breathe, waterways and health are not.