Sunday, January 27, 2013

Went a wandering today.

Went out today to see if we could spot owls but they were elusive.
There was a dark lump in the far distance way across a field so I snapped a few shots and what to our wondering eyes do we see... a porcupine. 

click on photo to see larger
We saw two porcupine in different areas and both were way out in the middle of a field. Amazingly they move at a pretty steady pace which surprised me as this is the first time I have watched one out in the open. Now I don't have a fantastic love of rodents though I do find porcupines ironically adorable.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Tess, I've heard those quills are valuable. Did you find any? Stay warm. I think you've been sending some of your cold air over here as of late. Can't wait for summer then a cool northern breeze will be appreciated. :) Take care!

Red said...

Seems like porcupines are on the move this year. Medicine River wild life Center has a "tame one' that is adorable as you say. Drop in there and take a look at him. they take him to various public info sessions.