Tuesday, November 17, 2009

looking for the colors

Fall has been a rather dreary assemblage this year. The leaves froze on the trees stunting their colorful sky dances; leaving instead curled brown wind beaten leaves that cling still-desperately to the trees. So it has been a matter of searching out the small ofttimes hidden spasms of color amongst the gray-browns of decay.

I liked the play of the shadows silhouetting the fruit upon the fence.

purple greens, such a lovely pause

This is Skitters, he is the new resident squirrel. He's a wee bit shy and timid, though he tends to be curious about my camera he keeps a fair distance between himself and I. Which I can tell you is quite fine with me. The memories of two previous encounters of psycho squirrels is quite enough for me. Years back on a mid winter walk along the Bow River in Calgary I had one run up my leg which led me to screaming as it climbed towards my face. it must have been quite a sight as my companion buckled over laughing as I crazily danced about attempting to shake the rodents clutches. The next experience was last summer at my friends house. I was watering the flowers when a squirrel ran at me from behind, pounced the back of my legs, ran up and onto the wall of the house. At once I turned the water stream upon the critter who in turn did an about face and charged again, causing my rapid retreat into the house.

Sunflower lovers
I kinda missed posting for a bit so heres to halloween past, I like the "important" tag hanging off the house cable behind. My daughter loves halloween yet has missed it two years in a row by being in Oz. So here's to you my dear.

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