Friday, December 4, 2009


Another one of my most recent. I took it to my opening with the finish still a bit tacky as I was excited to get it up with the rest of the show, bringing up the total to 18 paintings on view for sale at the General Bird Store in Edmonton.

My sweetie titled this one, kinda cute, just like the ducklings.
It was such a wonderful opening the owners went all out with vegetable and fruit trays as well as sweets and wine and juice spritzers. Lu gave a presentation on warblers of Alberta which only inspired me more to go out and capture warblers next spring while they wear their splendid mating plumage. So many birds to photograph and paint, its all such a wonderful adventure. An added bonus to the evening was being presented a dozen red roses, now that regal treatment.

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Alberta said...

This is wonderful, as are all the paintings I've seen here! I loved the one of Fozzie. I did a painting for my sister-in-law of her Westie, Boo, for Christmas. It's on my blog, if you want to take a look. I'm so sorry about your shoulder and hope it's not troubling you now. Okay, back to exploring your blog...