Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hoar Frost

Went out searching for snowy owls but alas did not spot any. We did see this lone coyote hunting in the fields and came across a small flock of redpolls which were sent to wing due the noise of an approaching sled.

The frost on the trees was lovely though in some areas the fog was too dense to see through.

The landscape was a magical winter wonderland, I now wish I had taken more time to capture shots of the fog frost laden trees but we were on a mission, that and my fingers froze from standing out in the cold playing with dials and focus. I am such a wuss when it comes to the -14 temps that the day held.

The barley legible common redpolls in the branches, its too bad the snowmobile scattered them before I could focus in clearly. I have been spending time working manuel mode rather than using camera auto. Of course I miss more shots that way but the shots are nicer. It will be something when I actually learn how to use this camera.

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