Monday, October 15, 2012

Paul's Trophy Trout

Paul's Trophy Trout painting is completed.
My sweetie suggested a pose with the trout painting by the fence I painted this summer, kinda like a double advertisement.
 what do you think?
does it work?

I'm pleased to note Paul exclaimed that the fish seems to come right out from the picture plane, I have to admit I've outdone myself on this one as he is right, it does project forward. I am so happy to have accomplished this. This painting was a real pleasure to work on. Paul gave me a photo of his mounted trophy fish to work from, then twice I watched Paul's fishing video at  After that I viewed online underwater photography of fish to figure out movement and lighting, then researched Alberta lake plants and roughed out a sketch for approval. Once the task of painting started I went through it all again to refresh my concept and topping it off, a wee bit was learned about fish and freshwater aquatic plants during the process.
While painting I thought about the pleasant times spent in a canoe fishing Alberta lakes many years ago, and of times sitting on the wharf in BC listening to the waves lap the pilings as fisher-persons, heron and kingfishers brought in their catch.
Thanks Paul for bringing pleasant memories alive with your request to paint your Trophy Trout.

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Red said...

Well, you kill two birds with one stone but the fish painting is very small and hard to see. Your fence painting is impressive.