Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Sand-Sculpture

A Fairy Tale of Enchantment, the little girl is sitting on a book.

This one was very interesting in the way that it is set out.

A few close-ups to show detail.

I love the feet sticking out of the golf cart,
and of course the fella in the safari hat peeking over the dinosaur is priceless.

Back view is just as interesting in detail.

Another dragon.
And another.
And back to the yin-yang dragon.

Oh and guess what... another dragon or two.

The fella in the boat is hiding from one dragon oblivious to the second dragon eying him up.

A much simpler sculpture, love the teardrop.
And to finish off another view of the warrior. The detail is amazing. its hard to believe they are made of sand and will wash away in the rain and sea breeze.
Apparently they truck all this sand in as the beach sand in Qualicum is not tacky enough for large sculptures as these. Its amazing how the sand can hold such fine detail.

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ArtPropelled said...

These are fantastic! I also love the feet sticking out of the golf cart:-)