Saturday, July 25, 2009

Road-tripping-shutter-clicking day

Its 30+ degrees c outside and 29 degrees c in, tad warm an sweaty this weather. Yesterday was a road-tripping-shutter-clicking day that was as equally hot, so hot that heat waves blocked taking clear pictures in the afternoon. So we had jam buns in the shade of trees sheltering a graveyard. By evening we were lucky to find a small gravel roadside pond near Camrose with some tree shade in which to escape from the heat. Actually a sweet passerby stopped to tell us where to find beavers so we headed there to see them, took a few photos of the beavers, listened to the kits meowing in the den which was right beside the road, saw the butt end of a fox or coyote moving through the brush which caused a big hula-buloo with the birds who took to squawking. In all it was a nice enjoyable place to stop with little traffic. We took numerous shots as Gerald is learning his cute lil mini-cam and I attempted to learn to use manual focus on my SLR. I captured a lot of noise, but joy-o-joy I also captured nice clear detailed small birds which I cannot yet post as my computer cannot handle the load, so I downloaded them on a friends machine till I can put them on disc. so keep checking back to see when I will be posting, but as a visual person I cannot write without posting something so here is an inquisitive squirrel that was watching me photograph birds one day last month. Oh ya and to top off yesterdayday I saw a "Moose moose moose," well, thats what I said as I got so excited, but he was headed for the trees and with traffic coming both directions there was nowhere to stop to pull off a shot,  I was just happy to be out adventuring and seeing new sights and new birds. Ah life is grand when we can stop an smell the flowers, and view the birds. Hugs to all.

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