Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally slapping the paint around

Its been a wonderful long fall, but alas the snows have come so its time for me to get back to some serious work.
Image of the mountains sporting fresh snow a few weeks ago taken east of Calgary.

We had a water mishap mid-june where we had to scramble to remove matts, art, frames etc to safe dry ground. The matts were stored in very thick plastic bags which I presumed kept the water out, after all they seemed dry at the time. Well as it stands the bags had let water in that stayed in. I went to pull out matts to do framing and UGH! What a mess of mould. Out the door they went. I had to toss almost all my mat board stack, so sad to see such waste of supplies and $ float away.

That was about two weeks back and since then I have been busy removing stored items from my studio and settling them back where they belong. Today I moved folders that hold etchings and...oh no... the folder was damp, agggh. Our floors are now wall to wall in etchings. I believe they are alright but will have really scrutinize them to be sure once they have air-dried.
On the good note my studio is once again tidy and available to work in, so today I also splashed about some paint and worked on two paintings started previous to June.

I rescued retro frosty from a fellow who intended to... gasp, trash him. I pleaded Frosty's fate and it was agreed I could take Frosty if I also took the Santa. Well I am not a Santa kind a gal but I was willing if only to spare Frosty the degradation of being squashed, crunched and compacted by a garbage truck.
To revive Frosty and add a little sparkle to his life I gave him a paint touch-up, but you have to wait to see the "new man-o-snow" as I realized I forgot to photograph him after his touch up.

 As the north winds white wash the land, I delve in color memories.
Enjoy and share.

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Red said...

The water in basements is something I know about. It can be very damaging.
Good to see you producing some stuff again and sharing it on your blog.